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The first rain of the season

September 21, 2013

And all the plants opened the micro-pores on their leaves and breathed deeply and said, “Ahhh,” and the aromatic oils that had been stored up all season floated out and the forest smelled wonderful.

Windy Hill

September 1, 2013

31 August 2013


Nice day for a little hike. Here’s the view from the ridge toward the ocean.


Almost back at the parking lot, naked ladies in the forest.

BFGoodrich tire explodes

September 1, 2013

My friend Roger had an adventure the other afternoon, when a tire on his Honda CRV exploded. Fortunately, he was on city streets, rather than a freeway.



We get a good look at the steel belting, which violently delaminated.



The tire had been his spare forever, and had probably never been used. We see here that the tread is completely new.



A loose piece of tire flailed around in and outside the wheel well before Roger could pull over, scratching and damaging the fender.