Reconductoring a transmission line

My bicycle commute takes me along the Stevens Creek trail in Mountain View. Quite a number of high voltage transmission lines run along here. On the north end, most of them, maybe all of them, veer out across the bay toward the Ravenswood substation near the Dumbarton bridge.

Imagine my 11-year old boy excitement when I came along here one day and saw two of the transmission lines with conductors grounded, dead-ended and ready to drop onto rollers. Oboyoboyoboyoboy! What a chance for a photo adventure!

There are four slide shows; large files, so give them time to download.

2 Responses to “Reconductoring a transmission line”

  1. Albert A. Baca Says:

    Love the reconductor job photos and comments. Great Job!
    I do curriculum development for Linemen programs, this type of photos are hard to come by, I will be referring my Apprentices to this site. Thank you


  2. Doug Fuller Says:

    Dave – these are great shots….can I use some of them in course material I’m developing for APT College in San Diego? They have a contract to train PG&E Apprentices and they hired me (retired after 34 years with PG&E) to help them out. They want a presentation on a reconductoring project and your shots are perfect! I would give you full credit, of course.


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