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New blog for my book

February 23, 2012

My book, Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Networks, is just being published, and I have started an author blog to track events and comments related to the book. And I admit it: to do whatever I can to help sell the book.

Go have a look. Comment on the site, suggest topics for inclusion, tell you friends and colleagues and (ahem!) buy the book.



February 9, 2012

This week’s meeting is in Hunstville, another new city for me, another new state. Our host company is Adtran (ignoring human factors, they insist on all-caps: ADTRAN). I had to go out for a little shopping the first day at lunchtime. From observation of the area nearby, I deduce that, if the flood of taxpayer money ever dried up, Huntsville would have a big problem. Not surprising.

Wednesday evening, Adtran very kindly hosted a social evening at the space museum.

Buses took us to the space center about 7. We got a quick guided tour of the museum, then had a buffet dinner under the very upper tippy-top part (that’s a highly technical term) of the Saturn V rocket on display here.

The yellow bits are protection and support structures that remained on the ground. They are appropriate here, of course, because the entire assembly is separated into six or eight discrete pieces, to show especially how they come apart at various points during the mission.

Absolutely no question that these are pretty classy toys, and that going to the moon was a great adventure. Too bad it couldn’t have been done with private funding.