86 Dave

Hi, I’m Dave.

That’s Lick observatory in the background. Grant ranch in the foreground, one of many good places to hike in the SF bay area.

6 Responses to “86 Dave”

  1. John Halvorsen Says:

    Nice Blog…wonderful photos. There are some great hikes in Seoul we can take you on….not too many spiders however 🙂


  2. Taran Says:

    I like all the photos… as they reflect the nature at its best…!


  3. brian Says:

    I was wondering about the steam donkey , I came across it in google images and cant get to any info on it ? I’m from California live in sonora just love them . Any info or pics would be awesome . Love your site and pics thanks



    • 86dave Says:

      I don’t think I know of any steam donkeys in the bay area. There is a steam donkey trail at El Corte de Madera open space preserve, but no artifacts. I have seen them now and again, maybe in the Sierra Nevada? — but I can’t think where at the moment.


    • 86dave Says:

      Searching further on google: Hyde street pier, SF, and Humboldt redwoods park.


  4. Ady Says:

    Hello Dave, loved the pictures in your blog and looking forward to read your hiking trips 🙂


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