Day of the triffids


Sunday, 31 January 2016

I haven’t had enough exercise recently, so I wanted to get in a killer hike today. El Corte de Madera, a preserve I haven’t visited for a while. Nice day, bracketed between chilly morning and afternoon. The car thermometer thought it was in the low 40s, cold enough.


Trails sometimes wet, sometimes muddy, but in fairly good shape. I cleared quite a bit of debris, and at the end of the day, reported five downed trees for the chainsaw crew to tidy up, along with a rockslide too big for me to handle myself.


I have no idea what these little guys really are, but they always remind me of the old horror movie Day of the Triffids. So I call them triffids. Unusual to find them growing on an open more or less horizontal surface.



The wonderful things all around us!

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