Turtles in the soup


Saturday, 30 January 2016

At Rancho San Antonio, I worked on clearing purple star thistle in December, hoping to get a jump on the season. Today I went back to see whether it had been a complete waste of time. Not at all; I was pleased to find a fairly small number of plants that I had either missed or that had sprouted new since I was last here.


There are a couple ponds, at one of which I stopped to munch an apple. And what to my wondering eye should appear but a turtle. When I tried to get close for a photo, it plopped into the water, but a few minutes later, it re-emerged and climbed out onto the bank.




And not long after, another turtle climbed out nearby, the two happy to sun themselves.


Not the kind of thing I see every day, although I’m sure I would if I hung around ponds.


The wildflowers are starting to bloom, and I shot a hummer having lunch.


Nice day. Great to be home.

One Response to “Turtles in the soup”

  1. Atul Sharma Says:

    All Pics are awesome .. Hope you are Njoying a lot with Jacky!!!



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