Giving thanks for the 4-day holiday


Sunday, 30 November, 2014

Thursday, a little killer hike. Friday, volunteer work, chasing broom at Windy Hill. 5 hours, out there gratuitously killing plants (I love being politically incorrect!), and I feel as if I’m making real progress. Mother Nature took her revenge by inflicting poison oak on me.

Saturday, more broom, this time at Purisima in the rain. Wearing shorts, I stayed near the trail. I don’t need more poison oak.

This morning, Sunday, I was thinking of another killer hike. It wasn’t raining… so I checked the weather radar. There was a massive storm out over the Pacific, moving this way. Hmmm… maybe I won’t go for a killer hike today after all. While it rained and rained and rained, I spent the morning evaluating drought-tolerant plants for the yard make-over. By noon the storm had gone through — I hope it sits over the Sierra Nevada and dumps 20 feet of snow! But it’s time to go out and get some fresh air.

I haven’t hiked the Stanford dish loop for a while. About 10 miles, 500 feet of climb, short and easy.


A block from home, leaves brought down by the storm. And yes, that’s a 58 Olds in the background. Its owner comes out with a feather duster every day and spiffs it up a little.


In the Dish preserve, a raptor atop a utility pole. Another one sat a few hundred yards away and called, but in vain.


Nice day, but no sun, not until later. Few people out on the trail; everyone thought it was to be a rainy day, and stayed home.

I wandered home by way of the Gamble Gardens.


Now the sun was out, back-lighting some of the leaves. Very nice.


I have probably walked past this tree a hundred times, and never before noticed its bark. Classy!




And a typical street scene — really! — for this time of year in Palo Alto. Nice.

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