Volunteer project: Rapley ranch at Russian Ridge


Saturday, 8 November 2014

A good-sized crew of veteran volunteers met on Skyline across the road from Thomas Fogarty winery to visit the old Rapley ranch. This is property not yet open to the public, so yet another opportunity to see a new and unusual area. We ferried everyone a mile down the road, then hiked in, but accompanied by a truck with tools, water and most important: lunch.


Very pretty entry into the area. What we’re doing today is attacking pine seedlings. Some of them are close by their parent pines; some are strewn at considerable distances. The pines are not native; were presumably planted by the Rapleys. They will eventually all be taken out, but we will leave those with trunks larger than 3 or 4 inchesĀ for the chainsaw crew, whenever it may appear.

As it turned out, we cleared away the small pines fairly quickly, and continued on into the area where the old ranch buildings were, and still are, to some extent.


Not far from the house is a redwood, a lone redwood, with a stone at its base. “1931 This tree was planted by Jim Rapley.”



The old barn remains as a frame, a roof, and the north, sheltered wall covered with yellow lichen.



Having taken care of the pine seedlings pretty well, we spent a few hours working on vinca, ivy and pyracantha, had lunch, took a short hike to explore the area a bit, and called it a day. Pretty place; it will be nice if they can build some official trails and open it to general access.

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