BV and Nathrop


Saturday, 5 July2014

We tried the next-door Evergreen cafe for breakfast today. It was okay, but not better than okay. Jacky has sore feet from hiking, so I went out alone for a short hike, across the river, up the steep shortcut trail (which wasn’t all that steep), eventually to an old railroad grade that was very nearly level and very nearly straight.


The view of BV and the collegiate peaks in the distance.


Cuts through the rock for the railroad make it a very easy road/trail today.


And I saw a pair of foxes. One of them scurried away while I was fumbling with the camera. Very unusual for me, at least. Mark told me later that they are fairly common in the mountains.


Back in BV, Main Street was closed and the special cars were lining up for a day of car show. A Shelby Mustang, above.


A 1929 Auburn 120 Cabriolet, above, one of only three known to exist.


An old police car, the six rectangular sections above the fender having been adapted to ripple red and blue flashes.


And the usual selection of completely ridiculous vehicles.

Back to the motel fairly early. We stopped at the grocery store and picked up goodies, then drove to Pat’s at Nathrop, where lots of people had already arrived and many more showed up over the course of the day.


Brad playing ball with Sawyer. He spent a lot of the day playing with all of the kids. As batter, Lucienne probably does best.

And Roy had brought along three of his rockets. We went off to the common area to fire them off, and attracted quite a crowd of locals, some of whom were really angry at what they perceived as fireworks. They adamantly refused to believe that these were not fireworks.


While waiting for the rockets to be set up, Dave the designated photographer was invited to take group shots. I’ll omit the group shots, but just note (below) that Sawyer (especially) had exceeded his patience level of sitting amongst the group looking photogenic. I can hardly blame him.


After a complete misfire of the first rocket, most of us wandered away. Roy eventually got the largest rocket to fire. It rose a few feet, went sideways, slammed into the embankment, and then the parachute deployed. Exactly like a road-runner cartoon!


But Roy had three rockets, and the other two eventually launched. Above, we see a streak of rocket blast right in the center of the picture as it took off. Below, its return to earth via parachute.



There was also a sun dog, not something we see that often.

We retired to Pat’s for more munchies than we really needed, and eventually got down to business with barbequed chicken and pork.


The youngest of the miniature people present had her own ideas about the proper way to eat all this stuff.



Around mid-afternoon, we made our excuses and escaped. Back to BV, where we wandered the town a little. The bars we haven’t already visited don’t appeal, and the Eddyline, where we were yesterday, was jammed with people watching the World Cup game, which also didn’t appeal very much.


We looped back toward the motel on a side street and discovered an active blacksmith business, and good for them.

Eventually ended up at the Branding Iron bar and grill next to the motel, where we sat on the patio for drinks. After the massively large lunch, we thought appetizers might suffice for dinner, but they didn’t really offer anything, so we skipped. We don’t really need anything more to eat.

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