Fish Creek, Spring Creek, Bears


Tuesday, 1 July 2014

We had a recommendation to visit Fish Creek falls, only a 4 mile drive from town. The lower fall is directly accessible from the parking area (below), but there is a trail that goes as far as you like, including to an upper fall. We thought the upper fall might be a good destination.


One of the things we liked about this trail was the near absence of mosquitoes. Fairly steep, rocky and root-y. Conifers dominated the lower part, but we eventually climbed into aspen forest. Really pretty. Also considerably hotter than the lower forest.


After a couple hours, we reached a bridge that might or might not have been the upper fall. There was no sign to tell us. But after a calorie stop, we agreed to declare victory and abandon the field. Jacky headed down, while I invested another fifteen minutes in the uphill, just to see what there was to see. I planned to catch her up somewhere on the downhill trail.


More trail, this part becoming a bit more difficult. Open rock faces. More views of the vigorous and  boiling stream. And about fifteen minutes later, a shallow cave in the rock face that struck me as surprisingly beautiful.


I caught up with Jacky not far above the lower falls. Compare this picture with the same view at the top, before the sun illuminated it.

We considered what next to do, drove to the information office, where they were not quite as helpful as the first set we met.

But we followed a recommendation for a short afternoon hike, went to Spring creek trailhead at the local high school. This is basically a gravel road going along a densely forested creek. Not that interesting, except that there were two bear cubs high in a tree here. Lots of people standing around watching, all of us hoping mama bear wasn’t too close and too grumpy.


We watched them play a little up there, then shimmy down the tree and disappear into the undergrowth.



There’s a pond a bit further up, which we circumambulated, but the day was getting hot and we packed it in. Back to the motel for laundry, then wandered around the town looking for the perfect spot to have a brew and later on, dinner. Nice town; we extended our reservation for one more night.

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