Grant Ranch


Sunday, 9 June 2013

Saturday was hot, hot, hot, so I went for a bike ride rather than a long hike. The air motion was enough to keep me comfortable. Sunday was to be much cooler, so I thought I’d try Grant ranch. I haven’t been here for quite a while, and I need to keep negotiating with the new boots.


The grass is mostly golden from a distance, but some of the fluffy parts are nicely coloured.


In areas with a bit more moisture, there are still quite a few wildflowers.


And where there is a stream in winter, we find a muddy patch today, swarming with butterflies nozzling up the water.


I stopped at a little pond to see what there was to see. The tadpoles all have legs!



The one above still has quite a cape, if that’s what we agree to call it.


The bottom of the pond, halfway house.


This little frog is so cool, just hanging out there.


While these two have an insect buffet to choose from.


There are insects in the pond, too.


Some of them having a grand time!


The high point was the helicopter attack. Really impressive!




Leaving the pond, I found what looks very much like lady-bug larvae. Usually they hang out near a colony of aphids (yum!), but I didn’t see any.


I was getting tired, the boots weren’t cooperating very well, and I was a little concerned about running out of water. So I dropped down into the central picnic area of the park and walked back to the car along the road. Takes about 5 miles and a thousand vertical feet off the hike, leaving me with a bit less than 17 miles, 3200 feet of climb.

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