Stanford medical center II


In a previous post, I described the disastrous adventures of a friend of some considerable years, whose broken hip was diagnosed by Stanford as shingles. It was a full week after the fracture before he had surgery to replace the hip.

He is at home now, walking a little, but still weak. Considering the care he got at Stanford, he is lucky to be alive.

Not content with botching their initial treatment, Stanford recently contacted him to see about making an appointment for his hysterectomy. Hey people, did you notice that pronoun? HIM!

My initial take on this story was that Stanford might be a good place to go if you needed a heart transplant, but not otherwise. I think even that assessment may be far too generous. You can probably even get better heart transplant treatment elsewhere nowadays. Go to Stanford only if you have no other choice whatever!

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2 Responses to “Stanford medical center II”

  1. D Says:

    Its not supposed to be funny, but I laughed.

    Wishing only the best for your neighbour friend.


  2. Kudos to PAMF « 86dave's Blog Says:

    […] writing up the disastrous experiences of a friend at Stanford’s allegedly world-class medical center, it is a great pleasure to describe my own […]


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