Grant ranch hike


23 January 2010

It has been raining hard and steadily for several days now; the flatlands have received several inches, and the hills even more. So I was only moderately ambitious when I went to Grant ranch – it might well not be possible to do a whole lot.

As expected the Mt Hamilton road was closed at Grant ranch, due to snow further up the mountain. No problem. I started off on the hotel trail, but after jumping across one stream, I decided to turn back at the second. It’s really unpleasant to have boots full of water; there is a stretch further along where the trail goes along the streambed for some distance, further than I would want to walk barefoot. Even so, I had to take off the boots and ford one stream barefoot to reach the higher country where there was not so much standing and running water.

Ended up at Antler point, overlooking the old line shack (now Pala Seca cabin), and Mount Day.


I should investigate whether there are publicly accessible trails on Mt Day, and how to get there. It would be new terrain.

Just down the hill from Antler point, I spotted a family of wild pigs heading for an oak tree to graze on acorns. The guard saw me before long, and they eventually decided that somewhere else would be a good place. They are big and mean, and I was just as glad to be a hundred meters away and well up the hill.


It was a variable day: rain, cold wind, sun, warm enough to take off the jacket, then more cold wind. No problem; a beautiful day. Probably pretty unpleasant on the higher hills.



One thing about this kind of weather is that you get outstandingly beautiful views.


Lick Observatory was largely obscured by its own private weather, but when the clouds opened, it added to the beauty of the scene.



Although I saw one mountain bikie, I actually met no one all day until I was down to the lake, almost at the parking lot. Nice to have the world to myself.

It was after 3. The road up the mountain was still closed. It seemed that everyone in the bay area had decided to come up the hill to see the snow. Ha! – no snow here, sorry. As much traffic as I think I have ever seen on Mt Hamilton road.

Nice day, even if it was only 16 miles, 2500 vertical feet.

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3 Responses to “Grant ranch hike”

  1. Jim Rynne Says:


    Nice to hear from you. Enjoyed the pictures of your hike. Will send you an email with a great picture taken earlier this year of Mt. Diablo covered in snow. It is close to us here in Lafayette.

    Stay in touch.


  2. Jack & Val Cotton Says:

    Great day out for photos & hike. Thanks for sharing. Rochester, NY, is snowy and beautiful in the sunshine this morning.


  3. Elmar Trojer Says:

    Thanks for sharing those pictures. Watching them makes me feel
    close to my home.


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