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Marin waterfalls: Cascade creek

January 29, 2010

Thursday, 28 January, 2010

They say the locals don’t know about the places nearby; only the visitors find them out. My colleague Brian lives in Texas, so it was only to be expected that it was he who came up with a URL for what claims to be a really great waterfall hike on the back side of Mt Tam in Marin county. It was certainly new to me:

Brian was flying home Friday, didn’t have a free weekend day. So we met Thursday at 5AM in San Jose and drove to the trailhead at Alpine lake near Fairfax. I had overestimated the time it would take to get there, and it was still quite dark when we pulled the car onto a roadside parking area around 6:30. Sunrise isn’t until about 7:15. We waited around for a few minutes, but there was a full moon, and at least the early part of the trail was visible and held no unpleasant surprises, so we set off.

The first few photographs were throw-aways; there just wasn’t enough light.

Really a great hike. I’ll let the pictures tell the story: Cascade creek.

Something upward of a thousand feet of climb on a hike that only runs 3.7 miles round trip, according to the GPS.

We were back off the trail around 10, and in the office in San Jose before noon.