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Uvas canyon county park, SLO

April 26, 2013

Friday, 26 April 2013

I took a vacation day and we made a long weekend of it. We made good time as far south as Morgan Hill, where we turned off onto the side roads and wended our way to Uvas canyon county park, on the eastern slope of the Santa Cruz mountains north of Mt Madonna. I have been here before, but it was years ago.

Its claim to fame is several waterfalls, and though it was a dry winter, we’re hopeful of seeing some water and maybe a few small animals.


The first small animal was not really all that small: a deer at the parking area. But there were thousands of smaller animals, mostly insects. This one was dining; it was in the minority. Most of them were interested in sex. Well, I can understand that.


And not twosome sex, but threesome!


We saw half a dozen waterfalls, and didn’t get around to all of them. Nice.


Not large falls, not lots of water, but pretty anyway.


The one above is called basin fall, for obvious reasons.


And not only threesomes but three couples! Orgies! Pretty shocking!



Looks like fun.

By early afternoon, we had seen enough for today, got back in the car and drove to San Luis Obispo, a nice little town that we visit every year or two, just to get away. We stayed at the Garden Street Inn.


After dropping off our things, we went out in search of brews — Anchor porter — and calories — unCornish pasties. Pretty good! Then a wander around the town, checking out a used book shop, and back to the hotel for naps and showers, and good night.