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Achilles surgery III, Thursday

July 12, 2012

The first day I tried the bike (Tuesday), I put in five minutes, enough to give it a try and see whether it was going to work out. Some pain, but not too bad. The ankle swelled, and there is probably some fresh bleeding under the skin. Ice makes a difference.

Yesterday, I put in ten minutes on the bike. I want to do as much as I can, but not more. I’m also getting more comfortable with the crutches, willing to go up and down steps and stairs now. My shoulders are not yet strong enough for any great distance, but certainly better than the first day or two (it also helps that I can offload a small amount of weight onto the booted foot).

Today, fifteen minutes on the bike, spinning as fast as I can, against not much resistance. About 80 rpm is the max I can sustain with my booted foot just sitting atop the pedal. If I could clip in, it would be higher than that. And I would work harder and flex the ankle and damage myself… oh well.

Then ice while I lunched on a peanut butter, onion and cheese sandwich.

And it’s a good opportunity for study of some technical topics that I have had on my list for a while, but never found time to learn about. All in all, I’m managing okay, but it will indeed be good to be able to get out and start doing real things again.

Later: I walked around the block. All the way around. First time, quite an achievement. How embarrassing, that walking around the block would represent a milestone!

Achilles surgery, Tuesday

July 10, 2012

Everything feels great, and if not for Dr Saxena’s words of caution, I would undoubtedly be out there overdoing it. As it is, I am trying to be cautious, as cautious as possible. The stitches come out in two weeks (believe it or not!), and I’m supposed to wear a boot until then, and not put weight on the foot.

At least I can take off the boot for much of the time, especially to wash! You never appreciate how good it feels to wash until you can’t! Here we see the doctor’s signature and an arrow, from the pre-op inspection.

This is the wound itself, a few strands from the cotton dressing still adhering. It is not oozing, and I will omit the cotton and the pad in future.

Though still wearing the boot to walk, I am putting my foot down with each crutch-assisted step, trying not to put too much weight on the foot. Still, it’s a great relief to my sore shoulders to have some of the weight offloaded. And of course, I have to work on yet one more gait. When I forget and put my full weight on the bad leg, there is enough pain to remind me.

Dr Saxena said it was okay to ride an exercycle as long as I didn’t flex the ankle. So I rigged Jacky’s bike in the trackstand — her bike has flat pedals — set up a stepladder nearby as a way to assist the clumsy climb on and off the bike, and got in a few minutes of exercise. Yet another new experience, not being able to clip into the pedal. Whenever I forget, my booted foot skids off the pedal, and the freely rotating pedal bangs me in the back of the leg.

Only about five minutes today; I could feel some pain in the wound, and I really don’t want a setback. I’ll do more later, maybe today, or at least on subsequent days.