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Vacation begins

June 26, 2015

Friday, 26 June 2015

After a couple of confcalls this morning, we loaded the car full of far more than we would have taken along, had we been traveling by air, and headed out for a week of vacation of some sort. Temperatures predicted to be at or near triple digits inland, so we’ll stay along the coast. The day was mostly overcast, and we often needed sweaters or jackets. Just right!


First stop, Fitzgerald Marine preserve, Montara, north of Half Moon bay.



The tide was receding, but still high, so there wasn’t much to see in the way of tide pools.


I had forgotten about the nasturtiums that grow all along here. Delicious as a light snack!


From up on the cliff, we had a good view of the sea lions, mostly on the beach but also playing in the water. Life is easy.


The monterey cypress forest, tinged with red algae.



Drove to Half Moon Bay, the town, wandered around, went to the Mex place across from the art deco middle school where we always like to eat.


This is said to be the world’s largest marble run. It wasn’t in operation when we went past, probably worth seeing when opportunity presents.

Over the little hill to the Purisima Creek Redwoods open space preserve, where we wandered along the creek for a few minutes. Jacky has a sore leg, so we’re walking neither far nor fast. It will be a strange vacation if we can’t spend it on our feet.


Next stop, Bean Hollow state beach, a pebble beach with letterbox tafoni sandstone liberally surrounding the area. A little better tide pooling, but the water is still fairly high.




And then to Santa Cruz, where we wandered the main drag, found a brew.


The sign above is dedicated to Loren.

We had a bag of cherries from home, so we ate those, then wandered down to the beach boardwalk and found clam chowder. Out on the wharf, where we saw three sea otters nearby. Unfortunately, the light and distance were inadequate for photography.

Santa Cruz

November 24, 2012

Friday evening: a wolf spider was kind enough to come and pose in the middle of the breakfast room floor. Thank you, little friend!

Saturday, 24 November

We drove over the hill to Santa Cruz. Haven’t been there for quite a while, and it’s a pleasant place to spend a day. We left the car in the usual place near Mission Plaza. The first interesting thing we saw was the dew on the flowers.

We walked down into the town. It was early enough that nothing but the breakfast restaurants were open as yet, and chilly enough that we stayed on the sunny side of the street. Eventually we ended up on the wharf. Walked out to the end, had a look at the sea lions, then walked north along the shore.

Geneva has statues of heroic figures, but they are clearly giving their all to inspire the collective. Socialist realism, pure propaganda, absolutely off-putting. If we are to have heroic figures, my preference is for a surfer dude.

This is the surfing museum.

Further up the coast, we find the first of the natural bridges and a beach that caters for dogs; the dogs were having at least as much fun as the people.

Looking back toward the surfing museum / lighthouse, and that same natural bridge, from the other side.

Lots of very nice houses overlooking the ocean, and lots of people (and others) enjoying their good fortune.

Another natural bridge. Birds like to nest on islands as protection against land-borne predators.

Pelicans and cormorants, maybe a seagull or two.

We walked inland to find a way back into the town. Here’s evidence of the salt fog and drizzle that characterize many days here.

Had lunch at a place called the Parish Pub, which advertised a much larger selection of beers than they actually had in stock. But we did okay. No complaints. Then we walked back downtown and strolled along enjoying the crowds, stores with their wares out on the street, street musicians, bums.

One of the bums was making a sign explaining that he had come all the way from New York to get marijuana for his brain tumor, and he was now broke and homeless and donations would be appreciated. We chatted with him, but of course did not give him anything.

This could be a street in any number of European towns. Very nice.

Back to the park, where we napped briefly on the lawn and then headed for home. A nice day, a good thing to do.