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Good-bye to old friends

October 1, 2013

We donated the bikes that took us across the continent to the Mike’s Bikes Africa campaign, along with accumulated components from over the years, everything from wheels to saddles to cranksets to shifters to ….

My Richard Sachs bike had something like 90,000 miles on it, all over California and Germany, as well as across North America. But in this day of carbon fiber, there’s not much interest in fine custom-built steel frames. Even I, stalwart as I am, bought a carbon fiber bike a year ago. I rode the Richard Sachs once since then to see if it was a candidate for an alternate bike. No, sorry.

We went through lots of pain together, lots of pleasure. It was a good friend for many years. I hope these bikes will be appreciated by their new owners as much as we enjoyed them. Good-bye, and good luck.