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Palo Alto

May 6, 2013

Saturday, 4 May 2013


After breakfast, Jacky and Friedrich and Petra and I wandered, first over to the Gamble garden, briefly to Stanford, then to downtown, where Palo Alto was hosting the 91st annual May fete children’s parade.


We found a good spot to watch, and enjoyed seeing thousands of people having a great time. Kids being kids. Grown-ups being kids, too, including ourselves.



Well, maybe not everyone had his best day ever. But he didn’t cry until after he had been picked up and loved a little.





It’s good that it is completely impossible to embarrass a dog.


Also impossible to embarrass some people. Do you suppose she has any idea of the rear view we get?


The electric car club drove by. I especially liked the second one back, made from a pair of picnic coolers. If these guys turn into professional engineers, they will understand cost tradeoffs!


The parade ended at a nearby park, so we wandered over. They had maybe fifty classic cars on display.


The oil can, evidence that one should always keep the essentials close to hand.


A TR-3. The only classic sports car I ever owned was a TR-3. Mine was dark blue. Terrific car. When it was running. It was an education. The early-years Toyota Celica and Honda Prelude that I owned many years later were a million times more practical, but not quite as classic.





I believe the fine detail at the right front hub is the speedometer-odometer mechanism.

The women went on home, but Friedrich and I wandered back over to Stanford. The succulent garden featured far fewer flowers than we were expecting — what? How come cactus care whether it was a dry winter or not?


We went to Stanford bookstore to see if they had audio CDs. No. But there was a group of singers just across the fountain, and they were excellent. We sat on the bookstore terrace and enjoyed them until they finished their gig.


It was graduation day, too, and we saw a few caps and gowns. Not a lot, because it was just time for the ceremonies to begin.

On the way home, we saw a great blue heron standing stately in the open eucalyptus forest. Great to see all creatures great and small having a terrific day!

Palo Alto streets

February 16, 2010

Comparing Palo Alto street quality with that of the surrounding communities, we can’t help but wonder whether the paving contractors have brothers in law on the city council. Or is it just that PA is known throughout the paving industry for being willing to sign off on anything and everything when it comes to street repair?

Last summer I even phoned the city to warn them of a bicycle crash hazard where the pavement was breaking up in deep holes along Channing between Newell and Center. I thought that stretch was about as bad as any allegedly paved street could get. Needless to say, I was wrong. They have been digging it up over the past few weeks, and what pass for repairs have made it, yes, even worse than before.

Maybe some critic of the powers that be lives on Channing street?