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Barcelona — Playing hookey

March 30, 2012

The hardcore meeting delegates are endlessly debating the fine points of the recommendations, but I am adding no value to the discussion. Nor is Tom. We decided to play hookey from about mid-morning until about mid-afternoon.

First stop, Sagrada Familia, which Tom had not seen for many years. There was a long line waiting to buy tickets, so we decided not to go in. I noticed a statue that I hadn’t seen on Sunday’s visit.

We took the subway to the Universitat station, wandered along from there. Eventually came parallel to a very long food market in semi-permanent canvas tents. We discovered why when we reached the Mercat de St Antoni, below. Under massive construction, probably for several years, so they relocated the market stalls for the duration.

From there, we walked to La Rambla and down to the water. My Catalan is non-existent, but I understand the second line, painted at a street crossing.

From there, we explored a bit further, ended up at a restaurant in the Pl Reial, the large courtyard I had come across earlier. Pretty, pretty good.

We thought to go past the cathedral, and passed some interesting things along the way, including a St George who looks as if he can hardly be bothered with the dragon, much less with shooing away the pigeons.

The cathedral itself cost E6, and we are both cheapskates, so we skipped the inside. Just across is an old archive repository, however, quite picturesque in its own right.

I liked the bell tower on the cathedral.

Evidence of vandalism by yesterday’s strikers. The space to the left had been completely cleared out, pending replacement of its window, whose glass we see at the side of the building.

There were a number of street musicians, including this one at the Arc de Triomf. Most of them were quite good, and many avoided electronic amplification (an important criterion for me).

Back to the hotel, where Tom rejoined the meeting, and I picked up the needs of the workday from my room.