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Grant Ranch killer hike

January 17, 2015

Saturday, 17 January 2015

I wanted to do a killer hike today, and what better killer hike than the circumambulation of Grant Ranch? (21.3 miles, 4500 vertical feet). Left the car at the gate near the old barn and started out about 7:30.


Fog in the lowlands, but burning off quickly.


Jacky thinks these pictures suggest drought. Well, yes, if you think of dust instead of fog and attribute the bare trees to lack of water rather than winter.



They do rather have a tintype look, don’t they!


Interesting that the grass under the oaks is greener than elsewhere. I assume this is because the elsewhere retains the tall grass from last season, while the area under the oaks was lower and less hearty. Why should that be? I wonder whether the oak exudes anti-growth hormone from its roots into the surrounding soil.


I saw a total of three coyotes. This was one of a pair hanging around the open range cattle, who were not the slightest bit concerned about their presence. Other wildlife: six hikers, one mountain bikie, and … well, wait and see.


It looks to me as if Silicon Valley is having a cloudy day today.

Stopped at the Antler point trail junction to eat an apple. Stopped again for munchies at a tiny stream in the piney woods, a rare feature in the bay area, and again about 3 o’clock at the high point on the west side, a bit beyond the next three pictures.


A stock pond, surrounded by oaks.


Acorn woodpeckers leave behind more holes than wood. I was wondering whether the woodpecker finds an acorn first, then makes a hole, or whether it just makes holes on spec, hoping to fill them with acorns later.


Taking life easy.


A view from the overlook. 3 PM, and it still doesn’t look like there’s any sun down there. Life’s tough.


Going on down Edwards trail the last mile to the car, I came around a turn, only to find a lynx. I need to have a serious talk with my camera: why doesn’t it focus on what I’m interested in? Thinking about it, I bet wearable technology will track my eyeballs and do exactly that within five years, maybe a maximum of ten.


I wasn’t completely sure the bobcat knew I was there. It was just moseying along the trail, checking things out.


I shouted, “Hi,” just to make friends. Still, the cat isn’t much impressed.


Better things to do, hoping for a mouse or a vole.

Good start to the weekend. Beautiful place, at least in springtime, Grant ranch.