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Lincoln: Wilderness park

July 7, 2013

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Jacky spotted a leafhopper on my camera strap. With a certain amount of twisting and turning, I was able to point the camera at its own strap.


This morning, Jacky and I met Loren and hiked Wilderness park.


In contrast to yesterday’s open, windy grassland prairie, today’s hike was forested, full of poison ivy and other low ground cover, and replete with mosquitoes.


As always, we kept an eye out for small animals, and even found a few.



One of the high points was the nest of spider hatchlings.


The black dots are eyes; it’s easy to see four and, depending on your imagination, six or maybe even more.





Here (above) we see four main eyes and a pair of running lights on the side.




The wolf spider has two headlights, four parking lights, and two rear-window lights. It’s hard to sneak up on a spider!


I thought this bee was terrific, as it hugs itself onto the flower.


But the real discovery of the day was harvestmen. I have been watching for them constantly, but these are the first I have seen in Nebraska. There were so many that I eventually stopped photographing each new one we came across. Nice!


We came back into town for a quick fast-food lunch, then went our separate ways for the afternoon. We’ll meet Loren’s new wife Sandra at their house this evening, along with Allison.

Colby to Lincoln

July 4, 2013

Thursday, 4 July 2013

We were late waking up — almost 6:30 — but the motel had cereal and yogurt and bananas and coffee, which we ate, and biscuits and gravy, which we didn’t.

On the road before it was too hot; we took highways 24, 83, 383 in Kansas, then went north in Nebraska to Alma, where they were just getting ready for a parade — everyone in town arrayed out along the curb — on to Holdredge, and pretty much straight east from there to Lincoln.

We thought we might stop at Minden to see the pioneer village, but their asking price of admission was twice what we were willing to pay, so we settled for wandering around the town instead.


Today’s one and only entry in the small animals department, a toad we found in the gravel of the campground parking lot. Well hidden, and at first I thought it had been flattened by a car, but when Jacky nudged it with her toe, it stood up and posed for us.


Modern art department, rural style. I was thinking how much investment  is tied up idly, not just at dealers, but also the equipment owned by farmers, contractors and everyone else, most of which stands idle almost all the time.

As Linden points out, an impoverished culture is one in which people are cheap and stuff is expensive, and a wealthy culture is the reverse. The latter is much to be preferred.


There are grain elevators everywhere, mostly along railroad tracks. We saw long, long, long trains of grain cars, idle today, waiting to be loaded with grain. This train came by while we were waiting to cross the tracks into Minden town, hauling empty cars.


Minden is another of these moderately nice little towns, a large square defining the center of town, a courthouse defining the center of the square, and just about every business and institution in town on the streets immediately surrounding the square.

We came into Lincoln via Crete, the southern route, and found the Rogers house B&B, where we’re staying.


Jacky called Roy and made arrangements to see him and Camrin tomorrow. I called Allison, who came over. We went out walking, through the architecturally distinctive neighborhood surrounding the B&B.


From there, we went to the Sunken Garden and the Rose Garden, where I found no more small animals to photograph. Then downtown to the Haymarket district, the old railroad station and surrounding warehouses in the process of transformation into upscale pubs and restaurants and such, where we dined on Mex food.

Long day; glad we don’t have extensive driving in our next few days.