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Barcelona — Not getting my pocket picked!

March 28, 2012

I finished my conference call before 5 and decided to go out walking. The hotel is on Avenida Diagonal (only the last syllable accented), and I angled away from it to walk directly down to the shore, which was popular but not wall to wall people, as we might speculate that it becomes during the summer.

I mentioned Bicing before; I have seen these vans with trailers full of bikes before. Today I stopped and watched the guy. I think what he was doing was replacing all of the bikes at the rack with the freshly maintained bikes on his trailer, and hauling the previously racked bikes back for maintenance. Good idea.

One of the things you never see on rental bikes is headlights and taillights — but these bikes all have them, and they work. I eat breakfast before the sun rises, and I notice Bicing riders going past, nicely illuminated.

This is one of the two sailing ships that are still in the water and that are associated with the maritime museum.

There are three towers carrying cables across the waterfront. The inland tower is well up in the hills, hardly a loading dock area. See I have seen no evidence of activity, however, on the several occasions I have been past here. The tower we see below is obviously the centre one.

And in the distance, the one to seaward.

La Rambla actually refers to a floating pier, but the street has the same name. At the foot of the street is the famous statue of Cristoforo Colon (Columbus), standing vertiginously atop his tower, looking to seaward and pointing west.

The maritime museum, an old fortress of some kind. Probably a story, if I were to take the time to research it.

And La Rambla itself.

As always, I turned down the side streets.

A block off La Rambla, a large plaza, full of sidewalk cafes.

Well, what about the pickpocket? On one of the tiny side streets, this kid comes up and walks beside me, wants a light, strikes up a conversation, gets me off my guard. Grabs my hand, puts his leg up to trip me, simultaneously grabbing at my wallet. No, I don’t think we play that game.

He even had the nerve to continue walking with me after we had broken off our physical relationship, and I decided it would be prudent to go into the heavy traffic street, not down the next turning into another tiny deserted side street. This jerk might very well have another go at me, if I give him a chance.

Walked back up La Rambla, happy to be surrounded by crowds for a change. By the time I reached Pl Catalunya, I was ready to keep walking, so I walked back to the hotel, rather hoping to come across an Indian restaurant. No such luck; I ended up eating at the hotel.