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Ottawa, May 22 2010

May 25, 2010

Saturday 22 May 2010

Jacky and I flew to Ottawa on Thursday. We were on separate flights due to scheduling difficulties, but I caught up with her at O’Hare and we finished the trip on the same plane, albeit with separate seating. I got a first-class upgrade on the flight from Chicago to Ottawa, which means they gave me a little foil baggie of pretzels. Otherwise, same as everyone else. Be still, my beating heart!

We’re staying with friends who probably appreciate anonymity, then moving into the Crowne Plaza hotel for my conference on Monday.

On Friday, we hiked around some of the trails in the greenbelt. Several interesting things to see, including jacks in the pulpit! Neat!

I found a little spider, at least eight headlights, carrying an egg sac.

On Saturday, we did nothing in particular. Met some other friends for an hour or two of afternoon tea and a backstage tour of Kanata little theatre. In the evening, we sponsored dinner for our hosts at the Green Door vegetarian restaurant.