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Small animals without killer hikes

May 12, 2013

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Yesterday, I needed to cover a certain distance, and although I noticed a lot of small animals, I didn’t really seek out the ones that weren’t obvious. It was also difficult to photograph them because of the wind.

Today, I went to Arastradero open space at 7 AM, resolved to go infinitely slowly and watch for small animals. especially near the water. If I get in a mile or two of hiking, that’s fine, but that’s not the point.


Today’s supply of small animals started straightaway, down the crack in the bench where I paused to lace up my shoes.


And it only got better. A 7-legged harvestman was perched atop the fence, just waiting the chance to be immortalized by the photographer.


I really like these little guys, not least because they are everywhere but largely unknown.


The fat abdomen suggests a female crane fly.


What a beautiful face!


With faces like that, it’s probably not surprising that they mate facing opposite directions. Notice the slender waist of the male.


These last two pictures from a pair I found at home.


Everyone out looking for a little sex.


Or a little food. This is one well-fed spider! Look at that hollowed-out aphid!


It’s also an ordinary day, on which one of the chores is to manage the livestock.


And if you happen to be delicious, to avoid being too visible.




The early birds get the dew.



And the late sleepers ought to be embarrassed! Who ever heard of a bee sleeping, and upside down at that!






As the morning warmed up, the small animals took shelter from the heat. By 10, I was ready to call it a day.


Mid-afternoon, I tried a run. I have had sore muscles for several weeks, and although I can hike and ride, the pain is exacerbated by running. But with effectively zero exercise the two previous weekends, I thought I’d give it a try.

About 4 miles to the nearby REI, running, feeling good, where I bought a new pair of hiking boots. The old ones are good friends, but they are coming apart at the seams.

Home wildlife

January 24, 2010

27 April 2009

As I got home this afternoon, I noticed a cluster of little yellow dots on the garage doorframe. I grabbed the camera, but as I set it in place, the cluster disintegrated in all directions. I still got a shot, however. Nice.

Well, with camera in hand, what else might we find? A cranefly, that’s what,  clearly showing its intertial navigation system. I continue to think that’s really great!

Well, and then there was yesterday at the baylands (my feet are a little sore, but not enough to be a problem). I’m discovering more of interest in the mudflats.

Above, we see muddy foam at the very edge of the water. Interesting that the foam is also full of chunky stuff. Blue from the sky is to be expected, but I was surprised to see blue even in the shadow over at the right side. Below, we have a barnacle-encrysted pier, with evidence of some interesting things living there under the crust. Maybe I’ll take along a tool next time and see what I can uncover.

As to birds, well, you’d expect chicks, and this will one day grow up to be an avocet, believe it or not.

And I just can’t believe how artificial the cormorant’s eye looks.