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January 24, 2010

27 April 2009

As I got home this afternoon, I noticed a cluster of little yellow dots on the garage doorframe. I grabbed the camera, but as I set it in place, the cluster disintegrated in all directions. I still got a shot, however. Nice.

Well, with camera in hand, what else might we find? A cranefly, that’s what,  clearly showing its intertial navigation system. I continue to think that’s really great!

Well, and then there was yesterday at the baylands (my feet are a little sore, but not enough to be a problem). I’m discovering more of interest in the mudflats.

Above, we see muddy foam at the very edge of the water. Interesting that the foam is also full of chunky stuff. Blue from the sky is to be expected, but I was surprised to see blue even in the shadow over at the right side. Below, we have a barnacle-encrysted pier, with evidence of some interesting things living there under the crust. Maybe I’ll take along a tool next time and see what I can uncover.

As to birds, well, you’d expect chicks, and this will one day grow up to be an avocet, believe it or not.

And I just can’t believe how artificial the cormorant’s eye looks.