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Out and about in Dublin

September 26, 2014

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

I had conferences to confer in, but I broke loose over the lunchtime break one day, to walk along the nearby canal toward the sea. As pretty and peaceful as anything you could imagine.







Walking out in the evening… I don’t think I bothered to check who this bronze was. Doesn’t really matter. We enjoyed the nearby pub whose entertainment was the Leeson quintet (in fine print: formerly the Leeson quartet). Nice!

Wednesday, 17 September

Jacky and I went out for dinner after the conference adjourned for the day.


Interesting to see a number of homes with boot-scrapers outside the door. Presumably the contemporary streets were paved, but full of horses. Yes, a boot scraper might have been a really good idea.


We stumbled upon Boxty, which advertised truly authentic Irish food. I ordered corned beef and cabbage, about as Irish as you could get. What I got was a crepe, stuffed with corned beef and cabbage. Turns out that’s what a Boxty is; the crepe is a potato pancake, really, and it’s even more Irish than I was expecting. Burp! Pretty good.



One way to advertise your space for rent.