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Ottawa, May 24

May 25, 2010

Sunday, 23 May

We got up early and drove to Frontenac provincial park, most of the way to Kingston.

More forest, predominantly deciduous, rock at and near the surface, lots of lakes and streams and mosquitoes. Well, not as many mosquitoes as there could have been. It was okay. As always, beautiful things to see, some of them obvious from a distance, but many of them only visible to those who looked carefully.

We saw plenty of evidence of beavers, but no beavers themselves.

One of the small animals we found was what is commonly called a daddy long-legs. Not to be confused with the spider of the same designation, these are not spiders at all, but harvestmen. Among other differences, harvestmen have center-mounted eyes atop turrets.

There were lots of dragonflies of several designs. Many, many pictures, most of which I’ll spare you. But notice on this one that the leading edges of the wings is open, not covered with a membrane.

When we first saw her, I thought she had an ovipositor embedded in the soft dirt of the trail. I still think that’s true, but I don’t know whether it is natural and normal for her to shed her tail down there for the hatchlings to eat. The sacrifices a mother makes!

We saw several of what looked like dragonflies from the head and body point of view, but resembled butterflies with their wings folded. They also flew more like butterflies than like dragonflies. As best I could tell from the insect book later, they are a variety of robber fly. But later, I concluded from further web research that they are probably damselflies, possibly calopteryx demoiselles.

The most interesting things were small animals, but there were also some really pretty fungi.

Jacky saw a leaf move, turned over the leaf and found this little guy:

We found two more of them back at the parking lot:

As we left the park, we came upon a painted turtle crossing the road. We saw two or three more of them as we drove back to Ottawa.

Another good day.

Monday, 24 May

We moved into town today. I spent the day in meetings, while Jacky and our hostess wandered downtown Ottawa. I got out for a walk along the canal.

After the meetings, Jacky and Anna and Mike and I wandered over to Bytown market, where we came upon the Black Tomato restaurant. Outdoor courtyard, very nice. Hot jambalaya, really hot. Enough, even for me.

 It’s the Queen’s (Victoria’s) birthday, a holiday. On the way back from the restaurant, I stopped to take a picture of the parliament buildings with its celebratory illumination. A city bus came along in front of me, but the driver stopped and waited until I had taken my picture. I thought that was just really exceptionally nice. Thank you very much!