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Good beer

January 24, 2010

First, let’s be clear that I do my very best to avoid horse piss. I refuse to drink it.

Well, I’ll drink it, but I won’t enjoy it.

Well… I’ll enjoy it, but not as much as a good dark beer.

Ok, what beers do I like?

From Germany – hoo boy, this is a semi-infinite list

  • Andechser doppelbock
  • Weihenstefan has some good ones

From the mainline breweries:

  • Franziskaner dunkles weissbier (in German beers, weiss means weizen – wheat – not white)
  • Spaten Optimator
  • Paulaner dunkles – if you’re not a big fan of Tsing Tao, seek out the Paulaner Bräuhaus in Beijing

From England

  • Samuel Smith’s Tadcaster oatmeal stout
  • Old Peculier
  • Newcastle brown ale, if I can’t get anything better


  • Negro modelo

USA – Hmmm…

  • Stockyard stout
  • Moose drool