Sunday, 26 June 20

Flew to Plano today for a week of Ericsson activities. I haven’t been here for a long time. Trip was fine, which means there’s nothing really worth mentioning. Nice chat with my Uber driver on the way from the airport.

Staying at the Aloft hotel here, nice people, okay hotel. Surrounded by cornfields. Dropped off my things, went out to see what there is to see. Well, first, walking is not the way to get around here; few sidewalks, lights not intended for pedestrians, and the like. Sunday was okay, but weekday traffic could make this problematic.

Nearby is Legacy town center, so that’s where I went. Trees, bricks, sidewalks: this isn’t so bad, even if it is 98 degrees.


First scenic attraction was a little park and pond, good place to kick back if that’s what you want.


The shopping area is only a few blocks, but nice enough. Restaurants, pubs, a few other ventures that think they can survive competition with Amazon.



Crossed Legacy drive, where I found an old bury patch, not open to the public, but accessible to cameras through the wrought-iron fence.



Just along the road outside the cemetery was a herd of Texas longhorns!


With a cowpuncher herding them along.



Not far away, one of the longhorns had stopped to munch on the greenery.



And had another cowboy with a different opinion.


The sprinklers came on, in the median strip. Nice to see water being readily available.

Well, it was late enough that I didn’t feel guilty about having a brew (not that I would have …). The Ginger Man pub advertised something like 70 brews on tap and even more in bottles. My kind of place. Found a bench in the shade and enjoyed one I had never heard of: Julius Echter Dunkelweizen, aus Wuerzburg. Pretty good.Suitably mellowed, I wandered over to Kenny’s Smoke House for pulled pork with spicy barbeque sauce.

Spoiled again!

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