The South part of the North Coast


Monday, 28 December 2015

Hotel breakfast is only at 8, and we’re morning people. Moomph! — as I said before. This morning, we went to Lundy’s Home Cooking, which opens at the far more reasonable hour of 6. Much better.

Ok, what shall we do with the day? Jacky’s leg is still sore, so nothing very dramatic. We decided to visit Muir Woods, famous amongst tourists. We haven’t been there for at least 20 years, maybe 30. Early on a weekday morning? Not too much of a crowd when we arrived, but filling up by the time we left.


All right, pretty nice, I have to admit it. Of course, there is competition for best redwood area in the world: Purisima Creek, Peters Creek, and an area near Felton whose name escapes me at the moment. All of it nearby, however, and the others have the merit that their paths are not paved (not even with boardwalk, which describes much of Muir Woods), nor do they get constipated with millions of visitors.


As well as the big, the little things are pretty interesting, too.


I tried several experiments with sunlight beaming through the forest.



This under-exposed shot is maybe the best.


From Muir Woods, we went on out highway 1, stopping first at Stinson Beach.


The signs all request parallel parking, and no one parks parallel. Including us. Having our butts out into the roadway is a way to slow down the through traffic, I suppose.


We wandered the town, which doesn’t take long, then went on.


Stopped at the visitor center of Pt Reyes national seashore, where we made sandwiches from bread and deviled ham, then went for a stroll out Bear Creek trail, not too far, not too steep. Very pretty.


On yet again, this time to Pt Reyes station, where we thought we might find a sunny spot and mellow out, maybe read our books or something. Unfortunately, just not sunny enough, not warm enough to do without the sun. So we wandered the town a little, then returned to San Rafael just about in time for a couple of brews.


Jacky says this is where you would go for meadow muffins.




Another good day.

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