Around Palo Alto


Sunday, 4 October 2015

I didn’t want to spend the day without at least a little exercise and fresh air (Jacky just snorts when I say this!), so I wandered off to the Palo Alto duck pond.


Aircraft were landing to the south when I went by, but the wind had clearly shifted. This was one of about the last two planes going that direction; they reversed the runway immediately after.


Marshland vegetation. Colorful.


Marshland animals. Nothing special in the duck pond; not the season either for migratory waterfowl or nesting and raising young.



There is a freshwater marsh nearby, through which drains effluent from the water treatment plant. Slightly different kind of vegetation here, including large stands of cattails.



Wandered back into town. On the lawn of the PA Arts Center is the annual Glass Pumpkin festival. This year, it really does seem to be mostly pumpkins, and they don’t have closed tent areas with grumpy proprietors growling away the photographers. Much better.



I hope they did a booming business. Certainly lots of people around, enjoying, including myself.



And home in good time for a brew.

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