What a glorious feeling; I’m happy again!


Saturday, 29 August 2015

Got to Purisima parking about a quarter after 7, cool, foggy morning. As I was lacing up my boots, another car came into the lot, parked next to mine. Turned out to be Jim, a friend from a dot-com startup some years ago. (We didn’t get rich, but we had fun. One out of two ain’t bad.) He and his friend Bob were going to do much the same route that I had in mind, and add on a few miles to boot. Good for them. But we left separately, and didn’t encounter each other on the trail.


There is nothing as beautiful as redwoods in the fog.


Fairly wet under the trees, as fog condensed on the overhead foliage. But sometimes, even out in the open, the fog condensed upon itself and fell out of the sky. I seem to recall there’s a word for that, isn’t there? Oh, yes: rain! Been so long I had almost forgotten. I didn’t bring a shell, got thoroughly wet, but who cares! More! More!

Lots of people out today. Even on the side trails (Borden-Hatch Mill trail), where I sometimes encounter no one at all, I met easily upward of thirty hikers, singly, in pairs, some in groups as large as six or eight. Some kind of organized outing, I suppose, and good for them.


Redwoods live a long time unless they have the misfortune to grow at the edge of a creek whose bank erodes. Actually, if there is enough root in contact with the soil, daughters will sprout from the root and carry on the family tradition indefinitely.


Not a redwood in the fog, but still very pretty.

The drive home was sunny, east of Skyline Ridge, sheltered from the Pacific fog. The upper half of the ridge was invisible, just a billow of brilliantly white cloud. Only those of us who had been up there knew how great it also was from the inside.


2 Responses to “What a glorious feeling; I’m happy again!”

  1. Jim Says:

    What a great bit of serendipity to see you at the trail head after all these years. We took your advice and went out to Bald Knob. We then continued on the Irish Ridge Trail to the “right hand” redwood tree where we were told by two hikers we met that the merry pranksters used to party and get “psychedelic” back in the 60’s. By the way, all of those hikers you met were part of a group called INCH (Intrepid Northern California Hikers). They did 19 miles like we did … only a little a faster and had the foresight to have craft beers, wine and food back at the trail head to enjoy when they were done. A little tamer and certainly more legal than LSD, but I would say still in keeping with the legacy of the merry pranksters. All the best and happy trails. Jim


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