Broom at Bear Creek


Saturday, 21 March 2015

Another open space volunteer event. Today’s was in Bear Creek redwoods open space preserve, the area west of Bear Creek road that isn’t open, even by permit. It was a fairly large group and we made a serious dent in a non-trivial area of broom, though there is enough for any number of additional days in the future, should we like.

Mostly redwoods, and very pretty. After a morning of work, the lunch break was in a cool and pleasant redwood grove. Not far away, a single broom plant stood a foot high in a tiny patch of sunlight, highlighted by the ubiquitous god Taunt. After a few minutes of increasing irritation by all of us, Paul got up, walked over and uprooted the thing.

After lunch, we took a short hike to see a couple of the really old-growth redwoods.


Ellen, shooting a picture up the tree. It’s hard to appreciate how big these are without something of known size as a reference, for example a person.


What Ellen sees up there.


This same tree is very interesting inasmuch as it has an off ramp around on the back, and toward the end of the off ramp, another tree springs forth, goodly sized in its own right.


Not only that, but the next tree over has much the same arrangement. I have no idea why this happened. Ellen thinks they are genetic duplicates, siblings sprouted from a long-lost parent, but I have trouble thinking that this is a natural growth pattern, regardless of DNA mutations.

I remarked to a friend that it’s a good weekend when I don’t show symptoms of poison oak on Monday. We’ll see!


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