Blue acorns on Mt Umunhum


Saturday, 1 November 2014

Yesterday was rainy, as was today. There was supposed to be a joint REI-Mid-pen trail building event today, but fresh-built trail in the rain is just mud, so it was cancelled. So I had the day to go out for a hike — who would have thought! Parked at the base of Mt Umunhum road, took Woods trail. Rain off and on, but I have adequate clothing, so it wasn’t a problem.


The picture above illustrates the beauty of Woods trail, one I have never before hiked. Very pleasant forest, mostly bay laurel with some madrone and oak, here and there a douglas fir. Further up we find pine, unusual in the bay area. Today’s wildlife: deer and newts!

This trail has very modest grades for the first two or three miles, after which it reveals its true purpose as an access road for the high-voltage towers.


We see above that the towers climb the distant ridge; that’s where I’m going. I was impressed by how deep the catenary is, and surprised that one catenary is tensioned different from the other.


After hiking the full length of Woods trail, shaking hands with the far point of my hike a week ago from the other side, I retraced my steps and turned off on the very steep Barlow trail, which takes me to Bald mountain far above, itself still far below Mt Umunhum with its radar tower.



I don’t think I have ever seen blue acorns before. I guess they must come from blue oaks?


View from the Bald mountain trail, back toward Mt Umunhum. New parking area in the midground, not yet open to vehicles, though people can park here in half a dozen roadside spots. Up there is where today’s trail-building volunteer event was supposed to have been.


The Bald mountain trail goes to an overlook with a nice view of the south and east bay area.

There were no loops in today’s hike: with 9.5 miles of trail to cover, I hiked 19 miles. With upward of 5 000 vertical feet, I was glad it was a cool day.

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    Suggested title for this post: Blue Acorns on Mt. Umunhum


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