We’re all doing what we can …


Nice to be able to help someone.

Hi Dave,

I wanted to forward you the attached message we received from the 2 hikers you assisted at ECdM.

Outstanding job Dave!! You really went above and beyond and made quite an impression on these 2 sisters. This is the type of message every agency dreams of receiving from their constituents.

Congrats on a job well done.

Volunteer Program Manager
Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District
330 Distel Circle, Los Altos, CA 94022

To Whom It May Concern:

My sister and I went for a hike at El Corte de Madera Creek this past Sunday. We left from Skeggs Point and planned to do a loop hike. Along the way, we inadvertently took the Methuselah Trail instead of the Manzanita Trail as we had planned and found ourselves exhausted and lost after more than 5 hours of hiking. We knew we had gone wrong but didn’t know exactly where. We had the good fortune of crossing paths with a trail volunteer on patrol. His name is Dave Hood.

Dave offered to lead us back to the Resolution Trail junction where we could then pick up the Fir Trail and head back to Skeggs Point. By the time we crossed paths with Dave, I was exhausted and had to stop every 5 minutes or so to catch my breath. He could see we were struggling and knew the return trek was long and all uphill. He told us he was heading down the Giant Salamander Trail and when he was able to get phone reception, he would call for a Ranger to pick us up along a fire road. We hiked along a little longer and then shortly after the volunteer, Dave Hood, reappeared. He had accurately determined that my sister and I needed help sooner rather than later. He had managed to hike to a clearing to call for a Ranger before he started on his own hike along the Giant Salamander Trail.

Dave Hood, was so kind. He replenished our water bottles, offered the use of his walking sticks and waited with us until the Ranger arrived. We never would have made it without him. He was calm, patient, reassuring and knowledgeable. He was a welcome presence. I called him my Guardian Angel.

I hope any other hiker who runs into trouble meets up with someone like Dave. He came from out of nowhere and we are ever so thankful that he did. Please thank him from the bottom of our hearts. I’m sure he will remember the two sisters who lost their way!


[I deleted their names to respect their privacy]


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