Monday, 15 September 2014

We left home on Saturday and spent the usual miserable endless hours on airplanes and in airports. Arrived mid-morning in Dublin, a cool cloudy day that turned pleasant and a bit sunny later on. Taxi driver from the airport told us all about everything on the way in.

We dropped our luggage at the hotel; it was too early to get a room; and went out walking.


The beautiful park St Stephen’s green, where we’re told that some level of honoured citizenship entitles the citizen to graze his sheep. We didn’t see any grazing sheep here, but it’s certainly popular with the humans.



Then down along Grafton street, a pedestrian way, and very pleasant.



I had forgotten my camera in the left-behind luggage, had to make do with the cell phone.


When we came back an hour later, he was putting the finishing touches on the hind-quarters.


We stopped to wander through Trinity college, where is kept the book of Kells. Popular place, groups of guided tourists in all directions. We didn’t bother with the guide, just strolled for a few minutes.




Temple Bar used to be the loading area along the river, warehouses and such, but it has been rejuvenated into a largely pedestrian area of shops and restaurants.


This would be sweet Molly Malone, or as she is known irreverently here: the tart with the cart.

Back to the hotel, where we got a room and slept for a few hours — no sleep on the plane. Then out to find something to eat; we ended up at a place called Against the Grain, where they had a large number of craft beers and pub food. The barkeep recommended a port and a stout, so we had a pint of each. As to food, I tried coddle, which turns out to be overcooked mushy stew, mine with sausage and (they said) bacon. Beer and food; what more could we ask? Welcome to Ireland!

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