To Buena Vista


Thursday, 3 July 2014

We enjoyed Steamboat Springs, but it was time to go. Time to gas up the car, as well. We got 38 mpg on the first tank, not bad at all (Hyundai Elantra). On the new tank, the first day came out to about 42 mpg, mostly because I kick it into neutral and coast whenever I can. The habits of a cheapskate who grew up with stick shifts!

We took the western route south, through Yampa and Woolcott. Saw a herd of six or eight pronghorns, but we were going fast and they were too far away for good photography anyway.


Stopped in Leadville, a picturesque little town, but definitely less interesting than Steamboat Springs. It’s a mining town, although today’s lode is molybdenum, not lead.



We stopped at the local ranger station, where we got a couple trail maps, one of them the Interlaken resort trail near Twin Lakes.


This is a trail along the shore of the lower lake. It runs through forest, but nothing at all like the lush forests we have become used to. The 14 000 foot mountains to the west create a massive rain shadow for this area.


There has been a lot of volunteer effort in restoring the buildings of the old resort. What I found amazing was that the door was unlocked, and visitors were invited to come in and look around.



Getting on into the afternoon by the time we got back to the car and drove to Buena Vista. People here insist on calling it Boona! Maybe we’ll just call it BV.

Jacky called Pat, who told us about a new area of town out at the east end of Main street (it turns the corner, so it’s called South Main), full of new Victorian houses (but with corrugated steel roofs), and the Eddyline brewpub.


It’s a license to print money. We had to wait a few minutes, but the food and beer were pretty much worth it.


The weather had generally deteriorated, and we got a few raindrops as we wandered back along the Arkansas river, through town and to the motel.

They say this town will be hopping with festivities tomorrow. That’s fine, but maybe we’ll try to spend some time elsewhere as well. We’ll meet Pat in Nathrop tomorrow morning.

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