First March


Saturday, 1 March 2014


A rainy weekend, so I don’t mind too much working indoors. I got about two hundred comments on my document by the deadline last night, and they need to be collated and organized for next week’s meetings. The joy of being an editor.

We also pulled the mattresses off the bed and vacuumed the carpet under the bed. As well as finding almost 30 years of accumulated lint (!), we discovered how worn the rest of the carpet is, compared to the virgin carpet under the bed. We’ll yet find ourselves getting new carpet there.

But around mid-day, I wanted to get out. What better than the Stanford dish loop? Starting, of course, by walking across Stanford campus, busy and fun.


Got a photo here, just as left-handed Junior got a hit! He’s better than I ever was!

By the time we get into the hills, the sky is pretty, but a little threatening.



The official dish is just the largest of many antennas, some of which are not even dishes. There is even a dome for a small optical telescope here.


Rain coming this way, but I think it will pass a little off to the side. And it did; just enough to get me to put on my rain jacket, and then it was gone.


Back into Palo Alto. What a terrific day!



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