A walk in the baylands


Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year’s Day, sunny and cool. I continue to have knee trouble, so I walked the baylands instead of the hills, around 11 miles. The first sight of interest was the pair of raptors at the Palo Alto duck pond, studiously ignoring the crow who would have liked for them to move along. (Doris thinks they are black-shouldered kites. Thanks, Doris!)



Some distance further along, a black-crested night heron holds court amongst the ducks, while a great blue heron keeps an eye open for careless fish.



And the humans are out there, too. From a distance, it looks like a canoe, but we assume that it’s really some kind of platform, stable enough to stand on while he paddles.

After a secondary adventure, I came back through the town.


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