Buffalo and Bighorn mountains


Thursday, 11 July 2013

We left Spearfish and headed for Wyoming along I-90. Stopped at a tourist info stand to see what might be interesting, and Jacky noticed a coal mine tour at Gillette. An outstanding adventure, which I will write up in a separate blog post.

We thought we would spend the night in Sheridan, but Buffalo seemed like a pretty nice little town, so we ended up staying there instead.


We start with the gauge that shows how high the creek is. The upper mark coincides with the lower structure of the bridge.


There is an interesting pair of bronzes, related to the idea that free-range calves were the property of whoever got there first, versus the ranchers who considered that the offspring of their cows were their calves. This particular historical incident resulted in arrests but no conviction.


It was nearing triple-digit temperatures in Buffalo, but there is a road over the mountains just west of here. Not only that, but the woman in the information office had maps of the forest service roads and trails.

Still in the low 80s, even at 9000 feet, but much better. There was a breeze, and much of the pine and fir forest was shaded, so we had a nice little hike on trails 127, 128, 129.


Beautiful blue flowers carpeting the forest, and lots of butterflies. The little blues (below) are hard to photograph because they rarely perch in one place for more than a second.


We ate at a busy bee restaurant that was worse than mediocre, and the hotel we chose was well below minimum standards, so the town did not please us as much as we would have hoped. But it’s okay; we survived. And the sky (below) did in fact result in a little desultory rain overnight.




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