Smith Falls and Valentine


Monday, 8 July 2013

Smith Fall, Nebraska (not to be confused with Smiths Falls, Ontario) is the highest waterfall in the state, about 70 feet. On our way into Valentine, we decided to have a look.


It is on the far side of the Niobrara river, and about 50 canoes had just launched as I crossed the bridge. Obviously a popular outing.


The waterfall itself is another popular place.




I always like to shoot falling water with the fastest possible shutter, to see the amazing patterns.


From the waterfall, there was a nature trail, all of which I hiked — only a mile or so — but Jacky did just the first part because she hadn’t changed to trail shoes.


Back at the visitor center, we found a wonderful moth sitting on the screen of the window. No idea what kind it is, but impressive.



At Valentine, we found a motel, dumped our stuff, went out to see the town.


We saw ceramic sculpture in Lincoln that has to be by the same artist. Very nice.


There were storm warnings, but we got only a few sprinkles in Valentine. We wandered a little, looking for sights to see.


I had something in front of my eyes, too close to see. Took off my cap, and found on the green underside of the bill, a little insect, offering its services as a model. Well, of course, and thank you, little guy.


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