Haymarket, Farmers’ market


Saturday, 6 July 2013

Instead of breakfasting at the B&B, we went to the Haymarket area, where we met Marsha, Pam and a couple of other women for the Saturday morning farmers’ market. That’s what they call it anyway, although farmers would be a distinct minority. No matter; it was fun.


We start with a big truck displaying a sticker: Had enough? Vote Democrat, and then a couple of other stickers that provide ample evidence for a claim that Nebraskaners are hopelessly reactionary, conservative, and ignorant about basic economics.


The stalls open at 8, and we did the rounds.


Some very nice rocks here. At perhaps the other extreme was the booth specializing in various goat cheese varieties. Nice.


At the end of what was the old train station, we find a really nice ceramic mural. Marsha and Jacky standing here enjoying the little square.


P1040922     P1040908

We find a string quartet, putting in their hours, the infinite time needed to become pros. There was a flautist over in another area.


Don’t they say you need to do 10 000 hours of practice (not just repetition) to become world-class? Makayla Urbauer, above, had already put in several thousand of the necessary hours.

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