Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Pictures of the kids climbing what has to be one of the best climbing trees I have ever seen, just outside Dorthey’s door.



After breakfast, Jacky and I packed our computers and headed off for the library, which has wireless access — Dorthey’s apartment complex does not. Along the way, we stopped at the North Platte Valley museum. We’re not much on museums, but this one was pretty interesting.


I show just one of many photos. These were wooden models for the foundry. Pretty elaborate.

We worked at the library until about noon, then walked back to Dorthey’s for lunch. Jacky stayed there, but I wanted to get out and look for small animals.


I went to Wildcat Hills state recreational area, rough terrain, a mix of pine forest and scrubby grassland and bare white rock. Trails not very well maintained, lots of grass seeds in my socks, and not as much fun as it might have been.


But I have been noticing ants on the yucca, and looking for aphid ranches. Today I saw a good example.


And the high point of the hike, figuratively speaking, was seeing the beetle in the background in the process of sucking the juices out of its hapless victim, here in the foreground.


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