Lerts, nicks, stitches


On alternate weekends, Jacky is on call to monitor server alerts. I suppose that, if a Lert dares to show its ugly face, she hammers it into the ground. Most days, she doesn’t encounter any Lerts at all, which is just fine.

Once in a while, a Lert comes along just after she goes off duty, Jacky having avoided the Lert in the Nick of Time. We don’t usually think of time as having Nicks, but if Jacky can duck into one, all to the good.

Then again, Nicks in time may be considered defects… I wonder whether a Nick in time could be repaired by a Stitch in time? But if you think about it, Father Time is probably not much as a seamstress, which might explain how Time got so bedraggled as to be full of Nicks.

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