SLO and Morro Bay


Saturday, 27 April, 2013

Today, we thought we’d go to Morro Bay and see whatever there might be to see. But there was a red light on the highway to Morro Bay, and it just happened to be at the turnoff to the botanical garden. Well, why not?


Interesting plants, and with a bit of careful observation, a few interesting small animals as well.




There is a park here, too, with probably several hundred people already here and coming later for picnics. There is a short trail up through the forest and to a lookout point at Eagle rock. Of the hundreds in the park, we were the only ones to take the trail.


A small animal along the trail. I would label it a cicada, but I wouldn’t bet my life on it.

We drove on to Morro Bay, where they will be having a classic car week next week. Already some wonderful old machines are in town, for example this Studebaker.


The breeze was chilly, and we didn’t last long down by the water, but we noticed kites over across the way.


Stopped at a Thai restaurant for a bit of lunch, then drove over closer to the kites, added a layer of clothing, and prepared to walk out to see them. But first, we stumbled upon the Avalon, called a DSRV. I immediately translated the acronym to deep-sea research vessel, but the formal name is R for rescue.


Today was the annual kite festival, and the kites were truly wonderful.



Everyone was having a terrific time, including ourselves.



With so many big and spectacular kites, I didn’t notice this one until I got the day’s photos up on the big screen. Fun!

We stayed around and enjoyed for quite a while. What a great thing to see and do.


Catamarans are often considered sporty and luxurious. Here’s one that works for a living!


Finally, as we walked past the eucalyptus forest in front of the power station, we noticed that the wading birds are busy nesting. We saw a handful of egrets, but most of the population appeared to be black-crested night herons.

Back to SLO, where we found a couple of brews, mellowed out, got something to eat. Nice day.

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