Tall ships, Foothills park


Saturday, 16 March 2013

Jacky and Treena and I visited the tall ships that are on display at the port of Redwood City.


Admission is “free” but they request a $3 donation. Not a problem. We can manage that.


It’s a popular sight from the boaters’ viewpoint, as well. Not only kayaks, but several other small craft were around, enjoying the unusual sight.


Certain parts of the ships were off limits, but mostly, we were free to wander around and explore. Lots of kids, of course.




I asked about the fuzzballs. The sail unfurls between the two ropes, and the fuzzballs are to prevent chafing. They are made from untwined rope strands. There is a word to name them, but I’m afraid I lost it.


Sailing ships they are, but not absolutely at the mercy of the winds.


Treena is into letterboxing, which is a hobby or game that follows clues to seek out hidden boxes containing rubber stamps. We sought out and found one at the nearby Discovery site. Cool.

After dropping Treena off, Jacky and I went to Palo Alto Foothills park, up the hill a ways. A 5 mile hike with about 900 feet of gain was just right for a pleasant cool sunny afternoon.


We even found a few small animals.



Maples, I think, getting started with unexpected and interesting little structures.



And it is indeed becoming wildflower season. We even saw the first California poppies of the season.


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