Orlando, and home


Friday, 15 March 2013

Home again, home again. Orlando was okay, but I wouldn’t want to live there. Lots of people would disagree.


By dint of searching a little, I actually did find a few small animals to photograph, starting with a tiny insect on a leaf of the hedge outside the conference center.


I stood patiently, hoping to see something more, and spotted another insect. On the camera’s small preview screen, it wasn’t clear what we were seeing, but on the big screen, it’s clear that this is predation, not sex.


I stood perfectly still, moving nothing but my eyes, and suddenly — schloop! — out onto the top of the hedge, a face appeared!



There were actually two, at least two, geckos in the hedge right here.


I suspect that the ubiquitous gecko is responsible for the dearth of insects.


Some of the conferees said they had seen an armadillo. That would be a small animal worth a photo! Someone commented that the armadillo’s evolution has trailed behind the contemporary environment: when confronted with an emergency, the armadillo tends to jump straight up — which puts it just about at grille level!

Others saw wild turkeys, right at the conference center. I saw a pair myself, on a subsequent morning, but didn’t try to photograph them.

As a change of pace, a sample of the art on the walls of the conference center. It looks like tapestry, but on careful inspection, we see that it is really water color. Nice.


And after a few restaurants, I returned to Landry’s seafood restaurant, next door to the hotel, because they have good beer! Here we see sediment swirling and settling into the brew.


Friday was for another long day, flying home. Not as long as my next trip, though: to Aachen.

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