Hiking Huddart, Phleger, Purisima


Saturday, 2 February 2013

Left the car halfway up Kings Mountain road, as usual. Hiked downhill to Richards road trail, around the outermost trails of Phleger estate, then up to Kings Mountain village, where I refilled the water bottle.

Went along the trails that parallel Skyline boulevard to the north parking lot of Purisima Redwoods open space preserve, then down the west side of the ridge, and looped back on Craig Britton trail, which runs across more or less halfway up the ridge.


It was getting on toward noon, but fog still lay heavy over the coast, and it was drifting up the valley toward the ridge.


The trail was near the fog boundary. Sometimes wisps of fog would drift across the trail and vanish before my very eyes as the fog evaporated. Further on, further up, it was sunny.


How often do you see a black mushroom? Well, actually, there are lots of black fungi around, but very few of them are conical.


The wildflowers are getting started.


All of these photos came from the west side of the ridge. The east side is nowhere near as interesting, presumably because it gets less precipitation.


17 miles, 3500 feet of climb, nice day.

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