What a glorious feeling — I’m happy again!


Monday, Christmas eve, 2012

The day dawned bright and clear, the first time since we’ve been here. Nice! We can see Shasta from our second-floor window, even the dim shadow of Shastina to its left.


After another great breakfast, we crossed the river and headed upstream. We’ll try to go at least to Keswick dam, and if there is time, perhaps some distance on beyond, toward Shasta dam.

Nice day. Fisherfolk in the river, a TuVu overhead, hoping to find something dead.


Very pretty trail. Paved all the way to the ribbon bridge, which is within sight of Keswick dam. Lots of walkers, runners, cyclists, everyone enjoying a break from work, a break from the rain.


At the ribbon bridge, we took the FB trail (no idea what FB means), up the hill to Keswick dam road, then down the road to the dam.


A lot of power gets generated here!



We walked across the dam, checking out as much of its mechanism as we could see. There are four spillway gates, suspended on mammoth bicycle chains!



Looking down from one of the gates.


To see the face of the dam, we have to peer through chain-link fence. The spillway gates are to the right, the generator house at the left.


We went no further; Jacky wanted to finish some Christmas cards to our Canadian friends, and get to the post office to mail them before the posties closed for the holiday.

The trail was pretty enough on our outward walk, but even better on the return.






We found one interesting mushroom, and a half-shredded pine cone, awaiting the squirrel’s return visit.



Jacky finished her Christmas cards on the back deck, in the sun, over a brew or two. We walked out and found the post office. Then we wandered around looking for a restaurant. Not the best of days to find an open place, however. Lots of restaurants closing early and probably remaining closed through tomorrow as well.

We were reduced to going back to the B&B and picking up the car. We thought it would be good to find a Thai restaurant, but anything better than fast food would be okay, and fast food would be better than starving.

But of course as soon as we started out, we drove past a Japanese restaurant that claimed to be open. By the time I changed lanes and parked, we were opposite a taqueria. Mex? Well, no: the taqueria was just at the point of closing. But the Kobe restaurant had sushi and pad thai, and we celebrated the conclusion of a terrific day outdoors in beautiful scenery.

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